At Simple POS Solutions, we prioritize understanding your unique business needs to match you with the most suitable POS system. Our process involves a thorough assessment of your operational requirements, preferences, and goals to ensure the chosen POS system enhances your business efficiency, customer experience, and profitability.

Different businesses have unique needs that require tailored POS systems. For instance, a restaurant might need a system with table management and menu customization features, while a retail store benefits from inventory tracking and customer loyalty programs. The right POS system for each business type enhances operational efficiency, improves customer service, and drives sales growth by catering specifically to the industry's demands.


  • Processing sales transactions
  • Managing inventory levels
  • Tracking customer purchases and preferences
  • Implementing loyalty and rewards programs
  • Generating sales reports and analytics
  • Handling returns and exchanges
  • Managing employee schedules and performance
  • Integrating with e-commerce platforms


  • Managing table reservations and seating
  • Taking and processing orders, including special requests
  • Integrating with kitchen display systems for order management
  • Processing payments and splitting bills
  • Tracking inventory for ingredients and supplies
  • Managing employee shifts and payroll
  • Offering customer loyalty and rewards programs
  • Providing detailed sales and performance analytics


  • Processing payments and invoices for services rendered
  • Scheduling appointments and managing bookings
  • Tracking customer service histories and preferences
  • Managing inventory for any physical products sold
  • Implementing loyalty programs or service discounts
  • Generating financial reports and analytics
  • Handling payroll and employee management
  • Integrating with other business management software

PixelPoint Restaurant POS

A versatile and user-friendly POS software, designed to streamline hospitality and retail business operations. PixelPoint adapts to your specific needs, enhancing efficiency and customer service.

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Retail Management Hero POS (RMH)

A comprehensive retail management system that offers a seamless blend of POS, inventory management, and customer engagement. RMH is ideal for retailers seeking a robust, intuitive solution to enhance efficiency and elevate the customer experience.

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Shift4 SkyTab

A cutting-edge, mobile POS solution designed to enhance customer interactions and streamline business operations. SkyTab combines robust features with flexibility, ideal for businesses looking to innovate and improve their service experience.

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SpotOn Restaurant POS

A dynamic and flexible POS product, tailored for businesses seeking a modern, integrated solution. SpotOn combines point-of-sale, payment processing, and customer engagement tools, making it ideal for enhancing business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Simple POS Solutions is dedicated to partnering with your business to find the perfect POS system tailored to your unique needs. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we ensure that the technology we provide not only meets but exceeds your expectations, driving your business success. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business thrive!

Let Simple POS Solutions be your dedicated partner, addressing all the technology requirements for your business and matching you with the perfect solution.